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We are looking for a highly professional and experienced Senior Model Validator, to manage parts of the group model validation program. This position involves reviewing all types of models across the organization, offering an unique perspective of models and modelling practices across the company. In general, the Senior Model Validator will have direct interaction with management and model owners about findings and recommendations on both a global and local levels.

The central Model Validation team has intensive cooperation with local validation teams across the organization, and the Senior Model Validator will act as review leader for group-led model validations. The aim of Model Validation is to provide assurance on the integrity of models used across the organization. Model integrity implies that models are fit for purpose and produce reliable results that management can use for decision making. It further implies that the model is based on approved methodology, well developed and tested and that the model is well controlled and kept in a secure environment. The global Model Validation team manages the global validation plan together with local validation units. The senior model validator supports these validations and is directly involved or responsible for the performance of the key validation in the area he/she manages. The senior model validator also manages/participates in the Model Validation Committee (MVC) – the most senior committee under the GRCC regarding model approval.

The validation team also maintains the group-wide Model Validation policy, Model Validation standards, including standards and requirements for model development and testing and the centralized principles underlying expert judgment and assumption logging and monitoring. The Senior Model Validator is also involved in keeping these policies up to date and in giving training to local Model Validation units as well as support for the application of the model development and testing standards by model owners and model engineers as needed. Finally, Model Validation is part of the Operational; Model Risk Management, Risk Governance team and as such the senior model validator will get the opportunity to participate in ERM maturity assessments and align Model Validation work with operational risk assessments during the year.


As Senior Model Validator you are Self-starter, with an pro-active attitude. You are independent and critical, yet with an constructive, attitude. Moreover, you have the following qualifications:

  • You have a strong quantitative background (fror example actuarial, econometric, physics) with a minimum of 5 years of experience with modeling (development/validation).

Key qualifications for the role include:

  • Significant experience with model development and model testing required.
  • Significant experience with modelling of pension and life insurance liabilities.
  • Excellent communication skills in English, both in writing and verbally.
  • Good influencing and persuasion skills required.
  • Good planning, prioritizing and goal setting skills.
  • Integrity to uphold policy requirements and Model Validation standards.
  • Independent and critical, yet constructive, attitude.

It is considered as a positive if the candidate has hands on experience with:

  • modelling of market risks and derivatives
  • Solvency II required capital calculations for insurers.
  • the application or assessment of IFRS models in the financial industry


Approximately 300 people of different nationalities work closely together in departments that include Finance, Treasury, Risk Management, Legal, Tax, Business Development, Investor Relations, HR and Communications. The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework encompasses methods and processes used to manage risks and seize opportunities related to the achievement of our objectives. This involves the identification of risk events or circumstances that are relevant for the realization of the company objectives, the assessment of their potential impact and possibilities to reduce the risk, and reporting and monitoring of these risks and the effectiveness of related controls

ERM is continuously evolving to ensure the needs of our different stakeholders are served as they do need to understand the broad spectrum of risks facing a diversified and complex organization.


Are you interested in joining our client? We look forward to receiving your resume and motivation letter. For more information about the role, you can contact Patricia Koekenbier @ patricia@himanagement.nl or 0630400141